A well oiled machine

DG Solutions is your essential data resource and integrated partner for all of your market research needs. We deliver quality, value, and efficiency by offering a complete data solution.

Communication Solutions

Online Solutions

Web and mobile surveys


Voice & Messaging

Inbound/Outbound Call Center
Interactive Voice Response
Sampling Assistance  
SMS Surveys +Communication

Print & Mail

Variable Data Printing 
Digital + Offset Printing 
Direct Mail 
High-Speed Mail Inserting 
In-House USPS  

Data Capture

Forms Processing

Research & Data Collection

Market Research

Member surveys 
Risk Assessments
Satisfaction Surveys
HEDIS ® Care Gap Initiatives
Access to Care Audits
Net Promoter Score
Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Collection & Validation

OMR and OCR scanning digitizes results
CATI transcription comment coding 
Data collection from web
Address appending with the NCOA database and CASS

Data Reporting & Analysis

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

API Integration

DG’s instant reporting solution delivers your data as it comes in. No more waiting for files to be prepared.  

•  High-quality data shared in real-time
•  Rapid and effortless retrieval
•  No wait time!
•  Certified PHI & PII handling

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Data Dashboard

User-friendly interface, Rapid and effortless retrieval, Track every data campaign.

•  Client insights and responses
•  Engagement stats
•  Mailing updates
•  Project status

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Incentive Programs

•  VISA Mastercard rewards
•  Gift Cards
•  Digital + Physical Formats
•  Customized for your business goals

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