DG Solutions is your reliable partner for your market research surveys and data collection.

With decades of experience, a strong commitment to quality, and a dedicated team of experts, DG delivers effective surveys and targeted research studies to help you better understand the perceptions and needs of your customers.

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Perception Tracker Studies

Deliver a better overall experience for your customers. These studies provide an in-depth look at customer perception of service and equipment, areas that might need improvement, and overall satisfaction.
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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Get critical customer feedback after installation, service calls, equipment upgrades, so that you can continue to provide a positive experience and quality service.

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Brand Awareness Surveys

Measure the effectiveness of your latest advertising campaigns to maximize your return on investment.

Data Collection & Reporting

Custom Campaigns

Reach your customers with a multi-channel approach. We recommend a combination of personalized digital, voice, and print communications to maximize your participation rates. DG offers a wide spectrum of communication resources – including email and web surveys, SMS text messaging services, a 200 seat call center with highly trained and experienced staff, as well as variable data direct mail printing

API Integration + Dashboard Reporting

Getting quality data into your hands quickly and effortlessly is just as important as collecting the data. DG offers API integration so that we can provide your data in real-time. Campaign and survey results are entered into the system as they are received so you have access to the information instantly. Our user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to visualize and sort the data.

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